Nuts, nuts, we love nuts!

Nuts, nuts, we love nuts!

Have you ever heard someone say, “you should eat more nuts” and when you ask why it’s always the same response, they are good for you?

Well, yes that is correct. We are going to give you some insight into the top 3 nuts that we use in our products and what makes them so good for you.



We use almonds in just about all our packs they are great in flavour and hold an impressive profile when it comes to nutrients. You can’t pass them up everyone eats almonds in just about everything whether it be raw, roasted or in milk, flour, or butter there is an almond version of everything.

Almonds are a great source of healthy fat, protein, and fibre and overall reduce heart disease risk factors, they can help improve bad cholesterol and help control blood sugar levels. They hold an impressive amount of Vitamin E, which can help promote and protect your cells from oxidant damage along with support immune function. Lastly, if all of this isn’t enough, they have been known to help with gut health and support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.



Cashew is a staple favourite when it comes to nuts, everyone loves them whether that be in a trail mix, or by themselves, their crunchy textures are hard to pass up. Well, we are happy to tell you they are just as impressive when it comes to their nutrient profiles as any others.

Cashews have impressive amounts of protein, vitamin K, magnesium and manganese which are all essential nutrients for bone health. Not to mention they have also been known to help with elevated blood pressure lower body fat and blood sugar levels and help with overall health

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are not usually talked about by everyone but rather focus on the classics like cashews and almonds. To mix it up we recommend adding in some Brazil nuts. They are rich in nutrients and minerals. They are high in Vitamin E and magnesium and are fantastic for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, nerve function and overall energy production.

More so Brazil nuts have also been known to help with issues such as thyroid hormone production due to their large amounts of selenium.

Overall, all nuts such as these don’t just taste delicious but also have amazing health benefits and nutrient profiles that prove this. We recommend adding them to your diet as nuts come in all sorts of flavours and can be used in essentially anything. Check out our harvest Box range and try some of our delicious nut packs for yourself to understand the benefits nuts can bring to your health.

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