Our Story

 harvest box snackies

Like many of the best things in life, Harvest Box started out as an idea scribbled on a napkin over a few beers.

One evening in 2010, in Melbourne, Australia, founders (and besties since school), George, Will and James were sitting around James' kitchen table, chewing the fat (the good kind, of course). They were berating their respective employers for not understanding the importance of healthier snack options in the workplace, and hailing the benefits of good food on people's wellbeing and productivity.

Fed up with vending machines full of chips and chocolate, the guys decided to revolt (sort of), and the Harvest Box subscription service was born.

Not long after, healthy Harvest Boxes had been delivered to every postcode in Australia and the boys, along with their team, thought it was time to bring their customers' faves to the supermarkets to make healthy snacking even more accessible.

Now stocked in Coles, Priceline, WHSmith, Starbucks (Philippines), Sam's Club (China) and thousands more Australian and Asian stores, the growing Harvest Box range now includes Supersized Share Snacks, Grab-n-Go Snack Packs, Dipped Almonds, Flavours of the World and Health Bombs.

The team's passion for simple, good food and healthier options continues to be at the heart of Harvest Box, and new snacks are being dreamed up all the time.

Watch this space, because Better Begins Here.