NEW! Roasted Nuts with a Bagel Inspired Seasoning!

NEW! Roasted Nuts with a Bagel Inspired Seasoning!

We’re thrilled to announce our new Roasted Nuts with a Bagel Seasoning!

We’ve been working around the clock to produce an amazing new Harvest Box snack just for you. Our new bagel seasoning is the perfect combination of salty and savoury for the next time you’re hit with a snack attack. 

If you enjoy the flavours of a classic bagel, then you'll love our bagel seasoned nut mix as well.

What is bagel seasoning

Chucked full of all your favourite premium roasted almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pepitas topped with the signature savoury bagel seasoning of garlic, salt, onion, sesame seed we are confident you will love this deliciously crunchy snack. 

Don’t forget that aside from all of the amazing ingredients and keeping to our Harvest Box traditions our Bagel mix is:


    We know that you will be going nuts, trying to get a pack so don’t forget all of our Roasted Nuts with a Bagel seasoning can be found in all Costco stores. Want to give it a try before grabbing a pack for your next social event, movie night with a friend or simply just to keep for yourself try our product for yourself at Cosco with free sampling on 29th of April, 26th of May, 29th of June. 



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    Hi there. I’m wondering why we can’t buy your new Roasted Bagel Seasoning Nuts online please? Sadly there’s no Costco in the Northern Territory and I’d love to buy some from you. Thanks.


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