Energise Me Smoothie Bowl

Energise Me Smoothie Bowl

Not sure how to use our tasty products in your recipes? Check out our Energise Me Smoothie Bowl to help the inspiration strike. Our Harvest Box mixes are just what your smoothie bowls have been missing as they are the perfect topper with protein, fibre and nothing artificial. Fill that sweet tooth urge with a healthier choice and follow our recipe below. 



- 125g cup Dragon Fruit

- 1 cup almond milk

- 125g Strawberries

- 2 tbsp LSA meal

- Cocoa Nibs (topping)

- Harvest Box Energy Mix (topping)

- 1 banana

- Any fresh fruit to top!



Step 1

Coarsely hope your banana.

Step 2

Place the coarsely chopped banana into the blender with your strawberries, dragon fruit, almond milk, LSA mix and a hand full of Harvest Box energy mix. Blend until smooth.

Step 3

If the smoothie mixture is too thick, add some extra almond milk or coconut water to thin it out. 

Step 4 

Once blended empty the smoothie mixture evenly into serving bowls. Arrange Cocoa Nibs, Energy Mix and any additional fruit you like to the top as desired. 

Step 5


 Smoothie Bowl

Make sure to check back regularly for any new Harvest Box recipes or check out our socials for extra tips on how to include our delicious nuts in your next meal or snack!

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