This Earth Day, Harvest Box Takes on Plastic - Join Us!

This Earth Day, Harvest Box Takes on Plastic - Join Us!

Hey Snack Lovers!

Guess what? Earth Day 2024 is all about a big battle: our beautiful planet vs. the plastic monster. It’s a huge deal because, honestly, plastic is kinda taking over, and not in a good way.

Plastic’s Not-So-Fun Facts:

  • Fishy Business: Did you know 1 in 3 fish caught for snacks has swallowed some plastic? Yup, it’s getting into everything!
  • Plastic Fish?: By 2050, the ocean might have more plastic swimming around than fish. Imagine that!
  • Recycle, Please: Only 9% of all that plastic we use gets recycled. That’s like... hardly anything.
  • Made from What?: Surprise, surprise – 99% of plastic comes from fossil fuels. Not cool for Mother Earth.
  • Wildlife Woes: Over 700 critter types are having a tough time because of plastic pollution.
  • Microplastic Meal: Ever think you’re eating plastic? Well, you kinda are – over 70,000 bits a year with your water. Yikes!

We’re not just about yummy snacks; we’re on a mission to kick plastic’s butt. By 2025, we want 85% of our packaging to be something the earth can handle better – like stuff you can reuse, recycle, or compost.

 What We’re Doing:

Recycle-Ready: We’re choosing packaging that won’t end up just sitting around on our planet.

Going Green: Compostable packaging? Yes, please. We’re all in.

Less Fossil, More Future: We’re cutting down on fossil fuels by picking smarter materials.

You’ve Got the Power: We’re all about helping you make eco-friendly choices, one snack at a time. 


Let’s Make a Difference Together!
This Earth Day, it’s all hands on deck in the fight against plastic. Every choice we make, from the snacks we munch to how we dispose of stuff, can help turn the tide.

Join us in making Earth Day 2024 the beginning of the end for plastic pollution. Together, we can make a world of difference – for the fish, the animals, and the future snackers of the world.

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