Change Your Life... One Snack At A Time!

Change Your Life... One Snack At A Time!

Picture this:
It’s 3pm on a Tuesday, your boss is driving you crazy, the weekend feels a long way away and, worst of all, you’re hungry. What to do? Dinner’s a few hours away, but you’d hate to ruin your appetite. Your colleague asks if you fancy a wander to the vending machine with her.

You resign yourself to the inevitable: that you’re going to choose a chocolate bar when you get there, and that will make everything better!

For about ten minutes.

Your energy levels will soar, briefly, but the resulting crash will leave you feeling flat, possibly for hours afterwards, and you’ll find that you’re soon hungry again.

Luckily, when you get to the vending machine, you notice a new product – it’s a trail mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and a sprinkling of milk chocolate. Perfect! The healthy fats in the nuts and seeds keep you feeling fuller for longer (and promote heart health), whilst the dried fruit and milk chocolate drops will satiate your sweet craving without leading to sugar overload.

At Harvest Box, we believe that being our best selves starts with making better choices. The choices don’t need to be life-changing in their magnitude; daily decisions like choosing a healthier snack to get you through that 3pm slump can work wonders and make a real impact on how you feel, physically and mentally.

Whether it’s choosing a trail mix over a chocolate bar, or grabbing a glass of water instead of a fizzy drink every now and again, the important thing is that you’ve made a start. And that’s something to celebrate!




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