An Easter with Less Sugar, More Autumn 🍂🐰

An Easter with Less Sugar, More Autumn 🍂🐰

Hey Snack Bunnies!

Easter's here with autumn's glow, and guess what? You can enjoy the festivity without the sugar overload. Yes, even with all those tempting treats around!

1. Smart Labels: Sugar hides in sneaky places. Get label-savvy and outsmart the sweet stuff!

2. Snack Smart: Swap sugary snacks with our Roasted Aussie Almonds, dipped in lush dark chocolate - they're the Easter treats you won’t feel guilty about.

3. Brush to Ditch Cravings: A quick brush after meals keeps those sweet cravings at bay – plus, minty fresh breath!

4. Sleep Well, Snack Well: A good night's sleep reduces those sugary urges. Dream sweetly, snack smarter.

5. DIY Delights: Whip up your own treats. Control what goes in, enjoy what comes out!

6. Journal Journey: Keep a food diary this Easter. It’s eye-opening and can steer you towards better choices.


This autumn, let’s hop into Easter with a healthier twist. Our dipped almonds are ready to add that festive cheer without the sugar scare.

Here’s to an Easter filled with more crunch and less sugar!

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