Chickpeas are the new superfood - not just for you but for the environment too

Chickpeas are the new superfood - not just for you but for the environment too

Everyone should have chickpeas in their diet by now and if you don’t here’s why you should.

Chickpeas are packed with nutrients and hold an impressive nutritional profile. Simply one cup of chickpeas can hold an average of around 269 calories. For each of these calories, they hold an impressive 14.5 grams of protein and a large amount of fibre with 12.5 grams. Impressive right? Well, that's just the beginning.

Chickpeas also hold a large carb percentage which means they keep you feeling fuller for longer. They are also entirely gluten-free for all of you gluten intolerant people out there. If all of this isn’t enough, they can also:

  • Help improve digestion
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Promote healthy gut bacteria
  • Aid in a variety of health concerns such as diabetes management and prevention
  • Lower bad cholesterols
  • Prevent heart disease and lower the risk of a certain types of cancers
  • Help improve hair growth and health along with diet and weight loss



So, are you starting to believe us on how amazing chickpeas are well there is still one more important thing we think you might like to know?

Chickpeas are the powerhouse plant for the environment. Here at Harvest Box, we know how important the environment is especially within today's climate. Chickpeas are fantastic for the environment because they can create their own nitrogen supply. To simply break it down chickpeas grab nitrogen from the air and with the help of bacteria within the soil they can transform nitrogen into a usable form of ammonia, meaning they can essentially create their own fertiliser. Why is that amazing? Since Chickpeas can create their own fertilisers, farmers don’t have to add fertilisers to their fields. Most nitrogen fertilisers can be extremely harmful to the environment as many plants do not use all the nitrogen meaning it can instead run into rivers and bodies of water inevitably polluting them. The fertilisers can also affect the atmosphere by increasing greenhouse gas pollution.

Chickpea crops are also amazing as they continue to improve the soil even after they have died. Compared to other crops such as wheat or corn chickpeas are the ultimate wonder crop as they can become a remedy for disease and weed growth by fighting off pests and enhancing the soil for the next plant. 

At Harvest Box, we understand the importance of everything that Chickpeas do in both helping people's health and contributing to helping the environment. That’s why all our crispy chickpea chip range uses 100% Australian chickpeas.  In every pack, there is 5g of protein and 2g of fibre per serve. All our chickpeas are plant-based meaning they are entirely vegan, not to mention they are gluten-free and have no MSG or artificial ingredients.

So, by picking up a packet of either our 85g large bags or multipacks, you are supporting your health, your local farmers, and the environment. There isn’t a downside so rush on in and grab a packet of any of our 4 flavours of crispy chickpea chips in selected Woolworth stores located in the health food aisle.

Because better begins here….


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