Don’t Let EOFY Stress Derail Your Health

Don’t Let EOFY Stress Derail Your Health

As EOFY approaches, the rush to finalise accounts can raise stress levels. It’s easy to let this urgent period disrupt daily operations, especially for busy SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises). As the end of June looms closer, panic often sets in. Stress impacts us all differently, but one thing remains constant: it can negatively affect productivity and lead to increased sick leave or mental health days. With only a few weeks to get your finances sorted, here are some strategies to keep stress at bay.

1. Opt for Healthy Snacks:

When stress hits, it’s tempting to grab unhealthy snacks. However, reaching for sweets can actually heighten anxiety. Instead, choose nutritious alternatives like Harvest Box’s selection of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Rich in stress-busting nutrients like vitamin B and less sugar, these snacks keep your energy up and help reduce stress. Add foods like avocados, salmon, and spinach to your meals, and let Harvest Box handle the snacks.

2. Maintain Regular Exercise:

Stressful times are not the moments to skip out on exercise. Even if you’re not a regular at the gym, introducing gentle activities like a 30-minute walk twice a day can significantly help. For those near an office, consider quick gym sessions during lunch breaks. Regular physical activity boosts endorphins, combating stress and the EOFY blues.

3. Prioritise Good Sleep:

Adequate sleep is crucial, especially when under stress. To improve sleep quality, establish a calming bedtime routine: disconnect from digital devices, take a warm bath, and listen to soothing music. These practices help prepare your body and mind for a restful night and keep stress levels controlled.

4. Communicate Your Stress:

Sometimes, simply talking about your stress can alleviate it. Discuss your feelings with colleagues, friends, or family. If necessary, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. Remember, asking for help is okay when the pressure becomes overwhelming.

5. Recognise Your Limits:

Know when to ask for assistance. If EOFY tasks seem insurmountable, team up with colleagues or consult with your accountant. Sharing the workload can make tasks more manageable and reduce stress.

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