Upgrade your kid’s lunch

Upgrade your kid’s lunch

Our snacks take the stress out of preparing and organising our kids lunch. Instead of buying something unhealthy and coming home still hungry, try some of our treats we know they'll love!

Harvest Box is an Australian owned company that offers quality plant-based ingredients that hold a lengthy list of health and nutritional benefits. They are easy to grab and go and are a fantastic addition to any children’s lunch box. The large variety of mixes means there is something for everyone whether your kids are gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant or simply just want something new. Making lunch interesting is hard to do. Everyone knows children get bored with the same sandwich, fruit and basic muesli bar. So, to help upgrade their lunch box we have a list of must have products that can replace the boring basics.



The Muesli Bar

The muesli bar is a staple to any lunch box, but let’s be honest no one really knows what’s in them. Often the ingredients listed on the back include long lengthy words that no one can understand or even the ones that claim to be healthy hold a large amount of added sugars and emulsifiers. All these added manufactured sugars often lead to children having a surge of energy that only lasts for a short time and inevitably end up with them having no energy afterward. Our solution is simple, replace it with either a packet of We Love Nuts or Power Mix.

We Love Nuts is simple and to the point. It’s a healthy blend of lightly salted cashews, almonds, brazil nuts and peanuts. It’s a great choice for the no-fuss child who doesn’t like all the extra additives that are normally in trail mixes such as dried fruit and seeds. All packs hold nothing artificial and are gluten and dairy free.

If your child likes all the bells and whistles and needs something a bit extra to help boost their energy naturally, Power Mix is the perfect choice. It’s a classic trail mix with the added surprise of chocolate milk nibs sprinkled in, adding an extra twist to a fan favourite. The power mix holds, almonds, raisins, cranberries, milk chocolate nibs, macadamias, sunflower seeds, pistachio kernels and pepitas. The mix holds nothing artificial and has the bonus of being gluten free.

Both options are natural and are a great solution in replacing those boring muesli bars from kids’ lunches.



A sweet treat

Everyone knows that most kids look forward to a sweet treat in any of their meals, lunch boxes are no exception. Whether it be a chocolate biscuit, a muffin, or a chocolate bar we understand all kids want something exciting that satisfies their sugar craving. Unfortunately, all parents are faced with the dilemma of providing something that ticks the sweet treat box but is still considered healthy. Our solution is to add something sweet to your children’s lunch that is not artificially flavoured and full of added sugars. The obvious choice is our Dipped almonds. Harvest Box offers two varieties of dipped almonds. The first, classic Dipped Dark Chocolate are roasted Australian almonds lightly coated in dark chocolate to create a crisp dark shell of 70% chocolate. The second option, Dipped Raspberry, have an added indulgence of a light raspberry dusting over the outside of the nut before being coated inn 70% dark chocolate. Both have 70% less sugar that traditional chocolate-coated nuts and hold no artificial sugars that you would usually find in any dessert.

So what if your child doesn’t like nuts?  Another great alternative to the sweet treat is the Strawberry Milkshake pack. These packs hold dried strawberries, yoghurt balls, cranberries, blueberries, and sultanas that still fill that sugar craving. The packs hold 60% fruit and nothing artificial meaning you know what your child is ingesting is natural and won’t lead to a quick sugar high.



The savoury option

The potato chip a staple favourite, everyone knows someone that prefers savoury to sweet. Most kids’ lunches hold a packet of potato chips or something similar that fills that savoury need. Unfortunately, most of these options have high levels of sodium and are processed with high amounts of fats and oils, although most children don’t care about this and are happy to eat large volumes of chips that never fully allow them to feel full. Harvest Boxes’ solution is the creation of their Crispy Chickpea Chips. These chickpea crisps are light and flavoursome and still hold that classic crunch that a chip usually has. They are a great alternative to savoury snacks that will be sure to impress any child. All products are gluten free and are the only chip product on the Australian market with a health star rating of 5. Not only that, but we also have a large range of flavours to match any children’s favourite chip flavour. The range includes Roast Chick’n for any chicken salt lover, Sea Salt and Vinegar for anyone that likes the added salt and vinegar taste, Smokehouse BBQ for the meat lover and of course the classic Sea Salt flavour. Along with the variety of flavours it also gives peace of mind to any parent knowing that their child is eating something considerably healthier than any chips or crackers they were previously consuming. 

These are just some examples of how you could transform your children’s lunch box to a better and healthier version without sacrificing any of the taste. Let us take the pressure of having to mix it up and keep your children’s lunch boxes interesting. Harvest Box has a variety of other products available online and can also be found at Woolworths and Coles meaning they are easy to pick up when you’re out grocery shopping. Even more conveniently, we also offer multi-packs in some of our products, making it easier to keep stored in your pantry ready to go for school or simply for snacking time. So, pick up some Harvest Box snacks so you can have some peace of mind that your children are having a healthier option in their lunches.

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